Drag hunting takes place in the autumn and winter months and is run by the the Beagle club; see their web site for list of dates and different venues. Any beagle can be involved in these event from rescue, to pet and even show dogs just as long as the owners are members of the Beagle club and the dog is over 6 months old. Drag hunting is a long standing British tradition as it harkens back to the middle class wanting to enjoy hunting, and bringing food to the table, but being unable to afford the costs of caring for a horse required when hunting with fox hounds. Drag hunting is the modern version as it allows the dogs to follows a scent along a ‘hunting’ trail but no animals are chased or killed at the end of the sport.

This is an original print from Vanity Fair 1890 called the Huntsman.

Original  photographs one dated 1890 the other 1900 the hunt is not know ( I bought these on ebay so have no more information on them )

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