Tesoros And Shea Manor Do Ya Think I’m Sexy at Fallowfield x Czech Ch Xarxa Tergy at Fallowfield.

Date of Birth: 2nd April 2018

He is clear of MLS, NCDD, IGS and LAFORA. He is now available at stud to approved kennel club registered bitches, price upon request. Zavy will produce tri colour, tan and white and blue tri colour puppies if mated to a blue or blue carrier bitch.

Breeder: Mrs C Lewis

8th March 2020. CRUFTS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. Second Yearling Dog Under Judge Darren Fellows.

• Edge and James – Dows, Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar. Another high quality young male, again he scores for his excellent outline, clean neck and well laid shoulders, upper arm. Moved well from all angles. I have seen him with more enthusiasm in the past. I really like him.

11th January 2020. BOSTON CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. First Open Dog and Reserve Best Dog Under Judge Ms Sharon Hardisty.

1st & RBD Edge & James-Dow’s FALLOWFIELD XAVIOR OF JALHAR – 21 month old open tri male who I have judged previously, he is maturing nicely. Super head, he has the softest, kindest melting expression while still being masculine. Good length of neck with nice arch. Correct lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm, firm level topline, compact with balanced angulation. Good ground covering mover showing excellent reach and drive on profile and straight fore and aft.

3rd November 2019. WEST MERCIA BEAGLE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. First Yearling Dog, DCC and Best Opposite Sex Under Judge Mrs Lesley Childs.

Edge & James-Dow’s Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar. CC. BOS Beautifully balanced, lovely outline. Well laid back refined shoulder with return of upper arm. Lovely neck into shoulder, firm top line into correct tail set. Plenty of leg under him.sound out and back, moved with ground covering reach and drive.

24th July 2019. WEST BROMWICH AND WEDNESBURY CANINE SOCIETY. First Junior Dog, Best of Breed and Hound Group 3 Under Judge Mrs Jan Friars.

• Edge and James-Dows Fallowfield Xavior of Jalhar. Tri colour Male, up to size, correct size and shaped head, good eye, ear set, pigmentation and excellent scissor bite, wonderfully deep chest. Really good front extension, resulting from reach and drive from a set of well let down hocks. I am sure he will have a good show career. Easily Best of Breed.

13th July 2019. HOUND ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. First Junior Dog, First Special Beginners Dog and the Reserve DCC Under Judge Mrs Fiona Findlay.

Edge & James-Dow’s Fallowfield Xavior of Jalhar NAT TAF, broken tri, lovely head & expression with good pigmentation, balanced throughout, top line held on the move and moving true, well handled to RDCC.

16th June 2019. RUTHIN OPEN PREMIER SHOW. First Junior Dog and Reserve Best of Breed Under Judge Mrs Sue Hewart- Chambers.

EDGE AND JAMES-DOWS FALLOWFIELD XAVIOR OF JALHAR. Won this class on his overall correct balance. Pleasing in head, eye and expression. Plenty in neck with firm topline and strong loin, finished off with a good angulated rear. He stands on good bone with neat compact feet. Moved out with purpose whilst holding his outline on the go around.

9th June 2019. BEAGLE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. First Junior Dog and First Special Beginners Dog Under Judge Mrs Dawn Crisp.

Edge and James-Dows Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar. Mature boy of 13 months, very smart outline. Balanced head, mild expression. Super chest, level topline and very good hindquarters. Moved out well, considered for RCC.

2nd June 2019. CREWE AND DISTRICT CANINE ASSOCIATION OPEN SHOW. First Junior Dog, Best of Breed and Hound Group 2 Under Judges Ms Sharon Hardisty and Mr Tim Jones.

1st and BOB James & Edges Fallowfield Xavior At Jalhar, eye catching open tri male. Well balanced with lovely outline and sound all through. Masculine head with kind soft expression, correct ear set and length. Good reach of neck with nice arch leading into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest, firm topline which he held on the move and correct tail set. Good angles front and rear. Excelled in profile movement showing super reach and drive. Pleased to see him take Hound Group 2.

18th May 2019. REDDITCH AND DISTRICT CANINE SOCIETY OPEN SHOW. First Junior Dog Under Judge Mr Russell Mollesdale.

Edges and James – Dows 1st Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar, compact boy, lovely profile, being strong willed today, correct lightly domed skull shape, stop well defined, masculine expression, correct eye colour, ears long and set low, slightly arched neck, well placed shoulders, round bone, tight and firm feet, good depth of chest, ribs well sprung, short couplings, strong hindquarters, well-muscled with second thigh, tail set high and carried well on the move, moved with reach and drive. Pushed hard for RBOB.

16th March 2019. BEAGLE CLUB OPEN SHOW. First Puppy Dog Under Judge Miss Sally Precey.

Edge’s and James- Dows Fallowfield Xavior of Jalhar. This 11 month brightly open marked tri boy was a pleasure to judge. He excels on the move with clean and purposeful fore and aft movement whilst covering plenty of ground. Excellent headpiece for his age with a super masculine expression. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulder. Well off for bone, well sprung rib and excellent muscle-tone. Lovely boy, just needs to sharpen up his concentration.

9th March 2019. CRUFTS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. First Puppy Dog Under Judge Mrs Val Davies.

Edge and James -Dows Fallowfield Xavior of Jalhar. Tri Smart with good proportions. Lovely head and expression. Reachy neck into well laid shoulders. Level topline and correct set on. Good depth of chest, well boned and good hindquarters. Moved well.

  • 5th January 2019. BOSTON CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. Second Puppy Dog Under Judge Mrs Andrea Keepence-Keyte.

Edge & James-Dow’s Fallowfeild Xavior of Jalhar NAF TAF – Heavier set than one, nice head, dark eye and set leathers. Good length of neck into good shoulders. Strong in front and behind and well muscled. He was a little unsettled today but will push hard for 1st when he knows his job.

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