Curry Sympatica Ps at Jalhar ‘Eddie’
Jalhar Edge Of Glory ‘Gloria’

Gloria and Eddie welcomed 9 lovely tri coloured babies on the 26th of July. There were 6 girls and 3 boys. These puppies will not be affected from MLS, NCCD, IGS,LAFORA and FACTOR 7.

Gloria with her puppies at a few hours old
Puppies having a snuggle off mum
Pups at a few days old
3 boys at a week old
6 girls at a week old
Puppies at 2 weeks
Tiring work being a puppy
Pups at play

Stacked pictures at 6 weeks:

Jalhar Crowning Glory

Jalhar For The Glory

Jalhar Power and Glory

Jalhar Blaze Of Glory

Jalhar Glory Bound

Jalhar Glory Be

Jalhar Glory Bound

Jalhar Just Glorious

Jalhar New Found Glory

Jalhar Blaze Of Glory Pick Of Litter Male:

Jalhar Crowning Glory Pick Of Litter Female:

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