Vigor Uluru Dreaming at Jalhar
AM CH Tradewinds Game On at Jalhar

Dream and Gamer welcomed 7 lovely tri babies into the world on the 12th February 2018. There were 4 Bitches and 3 dogs. These puppies will be genetically clear of MLS and NCCD. We are very excited to see how this litter will come on, as it consists of some of the best American, Australian and English dogs around the world.

A few hours old
3 of the girls at 2 weeks
3 boys at 2 weeks
Other girl at 2 weeks, first one to open her eyes too!
Puppies are now up and about, let the mayhem begin!
Girl 1- Jalhar Game Of Dreams aged 4 weeks
Girl 2- Jalhar Dream Time aged 4 weeks
Girl 3- Jalhar Wildest Dreams aged 4 weeks
Girl 4- Jalhar Wishes N Dreams aged 4 weeks
Boy 1- Jalhar Dream Bringer aged 4 weeks
Boy 2 – Jalhar Dream Maker aged 4 weeks
Boy 3 – Jalhar Dream On at 4 weeks

Our keeper Girl ‘Amy’ aged 10 weeks
Our keeper Girl ‘Amy’ aged 10 weeks
Amy aged 4.5 months

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