Zavy is at stud to approved kennel club registered bitches. He is MLS, NCCD, IGS AND LAFORA CLEAR. Zavy produces tri colour and tan and white puppies, he also carries the blue gene so if put to a blue carrying bitch he will produce blue puppies.

Zavy son aged 8 weeks.
Zavy son aged 3 months
Zavy daughter aged 7 weeks
Zavy son aged 7 weeks
Zavy son at 4 days old
Zavy son aged 12 weeks
Zavy x Calla babies at 1 week.
Zavy x Franny babies few hours old
Zavy x Clio babies at a few hours old
Zavy x Vada pups
Zavy x Cate Pick of the Litter Boy
Zavy x Cate Tri Girl
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