Spencer is the only Blue Tri colour stud dog in the UK. The colour is totally acceptable to the Kennel Club and can be shown however, very few are ever seen in the UK as they are rarely produced. In the USA and Europe they are shown regularly and some of the high winning show dogs are blue. To be able to have blue puppies from Spencer your bitch must recessively carry the blue dilution gene. It is out in British beagle lines but you won’t know if you have it unless you DNA test your bitch to see what colours she carries. If your bitches doesn’t carry the blue colour as Spencer is a full blue tri all his children will carry blue so if you kept a bitch from the puppies and mate to either another solid blue or a blue carrying boy you will get blue puppies. We are breeding and increasing are blues and blue carries so we will have an unrelated blue stud dog that we will allow people to put back to Spencer daughter’s in future. Spencer is a very loving boy who is constructed correctly has a lovely head with great expression and produces great ear length and really great tails straight and well set on. He has a great extended side gait and his children all move well. Here are photos of Spencer now his photo pedigree showing the actual International Champion beagles in his pedigree. Then pictures of Spencer as a puppy and then with his litter some normal tri colour some blue tri bitches he was the only blue tri boy.

Date Of Birth: 28th June 2014.

Spencer is MLS, NCCD, IGS and LAFORA Clear.

Breeder: MS B Krzyzewska (Poland)

Spencer stacked September 2019

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