Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar JW ‘Zavy’
Bory Wood Petra at Jalhar ‘Petra’

Zavy and Petra became the proud parents of 7 lovely tri coloured puppies born on the 30th of October 2020. There are 5 girls and 2 boys. These puppies will not be affected by MLS, NCCD,IGS,LAFORA and FACTOR 7.

Puppies a few hours old
At the milk bar!
Petra and puppies at 3 days old
5 girls
Heads of the 5 girls
2 boys
Heads of the 2 boys
Petra and pups at a week old
Puppies at 10 days old
Mum keeping a watchful eye on her pups

Puppy stacks at 5 and a half weeks:

Jalhar Pied Piper- Keeper Male

Jalhar Play Mate – Male

Jalhar Paris – Female

Jalhar Patsy – Female

Jalhar Peggy Sue – Female

Jalhar Peekaboo – Female

Jalhar Patty – Female

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