The beagle is a small hound that originated here in Great Britain and was used alongside foxhounds to hunt hare and foxes. The word ‘Beagle’ means small and it is said that they descended from Harriers who were a lot bigger in size and longer in the leg, than the classic beagle we see today.

The beagle we see today should stand between 13 and 16 inches at the shoulder and should have a merry , outgoing and sociable temperament.

Beagles are overall an active, healthy breed of dog. Due to being bred to work, they do enjoy a 10 minute walk around the block is not sufficient enough for a beagle. However I do have couch potato beagles and many get into your routine but you cannot walk them for a hour or two every day then just stop. With the beagle being a scent hound, they do tend to follow their noses most of the time and no matter how much you train them they will always do this as this is what they were bred to do. Beagles require a secure garden to roam about in , with high fences as they are well known for being escape artists and should only be allowed off lead to free run in secure areas.

Beagles absolutely love food, sometimes a little too much and are very prone to putting weight on easily, therefore their food intake should be carefully monitored to ensure they don’t become fat. We recommend foods such as carrots and apples to be used as treats.

The Beagle can be a very head strong Breed if you allow them to be, therefore it is important to start training with them straight away. Due to them being pack animals, it is important to enforce this within the family such as; only allowing them on the sofa when you ask them too, don’t allow them to sleep on the bed, making sure they walk to heel and ideally feeding them after everyone else in the house has ate. An advantage to owning a beagle is they will sell their sole for food, therefore this can really help with training. They are very intelligent and will pick up new tricks very easily.

Beagles require minimal grooming due to being short coated, a brush once per week will suffice a beagle, this will help with excess moulting. Beagles don’t need to bathed very often.

Overall beagles are great family dogs and adore children. However children must be taught to respect them and handle them gently. If the children want to play with the beagle, ideally a confined area is best to play with them so that they are not running around the house. Always supervise play with children and puppies.

Basic Supplies we recommend getting when buying a beagle:

Collar, lead, crate, vet bed, toys, shampoo, nail clippers, puppy pads, name tag, food, treats, bowls, brushes, towels, baby gate, chews and thornit ear powder.

If you buy one of our puppies we give you a shopping list to help you abd best places to get them also.

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