Here you will find our current stud dogs click on names to see information pictures and videos of them and their puppies. All of these studs are house dogs and can be seen if you wish to visit and book to use in the future. Or we are happy for you to just bring your bitch when they are in season. Bitches must be fully Kennel Club registered bitches without endorsements . They must be over 14 months of age and not older than 7 years of age. They must be healthy and not too over weight. We will ask to see their pedigree and pictures to advise on the most suitable of our stud dogs to use. However we also understand if you have one favourite boy and in most cases we will still allow you to use that boy. We advise owners to bring their bitches at 9/10 days and we are happy to keep the bitch in our house with us until we get 2 matings with a day inbetween. Usually this will be successfully by 14/15 day and owners can collect their bitch. Owners are asked to just bring the food their bitch has  and some of their bedding so the bitch feels safe and comfortable. We do not charge extra for the bitches stopping with us but by mating this way we make sure we mate the bitch giving the best conception results covering a much longer ovulation cycle than just visiting one and taking the bitch back home. We expect full stud payment on collection of the bitch. Different studs may have different charges so contact us by email liz.edge1@btinternet to discuss charges etc. When the owners collect their bitch they will recive a receipt which gives the number of matings and times of ties. It will also say that if their bitch is not in whelp that a free return is offered to the owner . This means the owner can bring the same bitch back on next season or may bring another bitch and that mating is not charged for. We rarely have missed pregnancy and if we do it is likely to be a bitch who ovulates either very early or very late in their season. So if the same bitch comes back for the free return we advise the owner to have the bitch blood tested or swobed to make sure they are visiting us at the right time. We are also happy to help and advise anyone who uses our stud dogs on their treatment of their bitch while pregnant and then whelping and rearing puppies. If we don’t have puppies ourselves we will recommend their puppies to people who enquire to us for puppies. We do not say we know everything and can only give our advise and opinions but we try to not forget what it was like when we first started breeding dogs and treat people how we would like to be treated. There forefore we are happy to answer questions and have enquiries all the time we have even mated a bitch Christmas day so we made sure people had puppies. 

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